Mary Pickford’s Key to Salt Lake City, UT

Mary Pickford's key to Salt Lake City, Utah
May 4, 1953


Mary Pickford received the key to SLC just days before she received one for Salem, Ore. This was part of her bond tour, a flashback to selling Liberty Bonds for WW1 35 years ago.  She spent 3 days in SLC during this event. She spoke at a rally in front of the Tribune Building and Mayer Earl J. Glade presented her with the key to the city.  It might not be obvious in the photos, but this key is made of metal, large and extremely heavy.

Provenance: Mary Pickford 1981 Auction


Pickford SLC Key 2
Pickford SLC key 2a
Pickford SLC Key
Pickford Auction Catalog w lot 638